VMAN "The Decades" Winter 2011 By Benjamin Lennox

VMAN Winter 2011
“The Decades”
Photography by Benjamin Lennox
fashion editor Tom Van Dorpe
Models: Reid PrebendaElvis JankusVladimir IvanovLuka BadnjarRyan KennedyJohn RuitenbeekLowell TautchinAnthon WellsjoDmitriy TannerIan MellencampJustin BravoGerman RuizKem WalkerPhil MollerCharlie TimmsMichael TintiucPaul BocheNicola WincencBaptiste RadufeMilo SpijkersMatthew TerryEthan JamesLinus GustinAiden AndrewsJakob Wiechmann and Taylor Gannon

“Fashion isa timeless form of expression and we always seem to be looking ahead, lionizingthe new, craving what’s to come, often ,though, we forget to remember ourroots, the codes of menswear that have been handed down for generations. Inthese pages we acknowledge the other answer to that enduring question. Whatmakes a man: not just his clothes, but the men before him”. (VMAN )

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