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Fashion inspiration: David Koma’s spring 2012 in Tribal amazement

The relationship between futuristic body conscious garments and tribal influences was the main theme of David Koma’s spring 2012 catwalk presented during London fashion week. The designer, known for his innovative approach to architectural forms, presented a very interesting body con silhouette. The collection constructed with the devotion to top to toe tribal amazement, reveals all body patchwork attributes including body art motifs and tattoo prints.
The sharp silhouettes bear a striking resemblance to Polynesian warriors. The line brings captivating perspex fabrication layers and geometrical statements of body-garment connection, leather detailing, kiltlike pleats, and structured sandals. The collection even if minimal with monochromatic white versus black composition accentuated with pink, bright yellow, turquoise, petrol green, sustains a very significant message behind it.

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