Third gender illusion?

Boy Crazy
The NY Times T Style Women’s Fashion Fall 2011
Photographer: Hedi Slimane
Fashion editor: Sara Moonves

How to achieve a feminine charm with the sleek implementation of androgynous fluidity without a loss of the third gender illusion? Hedi Slimane by the means of his Boy Crazy editorial wouldn’t have problems answering the question while capturing such an androgynous vibe. By channelling the ’50s rockabilly hair revival and cross dressing on the female models, the photographer cunningly manipulates the concept of the gender blur.
The images of tomboys with minimal make up, masculine dressing up and hairdos just prove that fashion fluidity is a great scope especially for the third gender idea. In the past the rockabilly hairstyle was a controversial trend, equivalent for youth and rebellion reserved only for men. Nowadays the fashion turns a cycle with more experimental results creating alter ego options for women. As a result there is a whiff of fresh attitude with the renewed looks of rocks stars including David Bowie, Pete Doherty and The Beatles.

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