Futuristic Mythology – Metropolis by Morfium Couture

Most fascinating about Morfium Couture – mythological inspirations, theatrical concept and progressive designs. The latest collection “Metropolis” is highly inspired by anallogically titled science- fiction movie – a masterpiece about urban dystopia and crisis. The costumes define theatrical influences mixed with mythology and futuristic vision.
When I learned that the name Morfium was taken from mythological Morpheas – messenger appearing in the dreams it really kept my attention. Following the idea of mythological mystery the brand is inspired by the mixure of traditional heritage. The dramatic mode is emphasized by variety of visual art – fashion and costume design, as well as media including photography, music, theatre and film.
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Morfium Couture
Collection ‘Metropolis’
Models: Dusica Savic, Vasilisa Roganovic
Makeup: Aleksandar Djikic
Stylist: Jelena Malesevic
Photographer: Dusan Jaukovic

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