It came from the Sky – Artwork Maurizio Anzeri in photography by Richard Burbridge in Dazed and Confused


Do you remember my post about Handcrafted Vogue Covers by Inge Jacobsen ? This time it will be another sewing piece of art meeting with fashion. Edgy, slightly surrealistic editorial from Dazed&Confused May edition is the source of fusion between fashion and art giving 3 dimensional feeling. Painstaking sewing artwok of Maurizio Anzeri and experimental photography by Richard Burbridge push the boundries between reality and imagery.

Editorial: It came from the Sky
Photography by Richard Burbridge
Styling: Robbie Spencer
Artwork: Maurizio Anzeri
Models: Herieth Paul, Dempsey Stewart, Charlotte Free, Bethany Terry, Christoph Ribbe, Kaan Tilki, Miles Frank and Sen
Cast by Edward Kim

Images VIA

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