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EdelScope.com is a website written and edited by MagdaLena –  Magdalena Kapuscinska – Fashion Writer and Blog Contributor. This blog accepts forms of advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. This website does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

We reserve all the rights to the name of the website, our texts and authorized content including our articles, reviews, interviews, etc. with the signature by our name, i.e. MagdaLena, Magdalena Kapuscinska, published on this website and on contribution websites listed in Online Portfolio section of this website.

Do not reproduce, distribute, copy, publicly display, perform or make into derivative work of our texts and authorized content as mentioned before without the permission of the copyright owner of this website and all the essential credits and links. 

 The visuals like photography and videos appeared in the website belong to their respective owners and have been noted as such. We are also in contact with many Creatives and their Press Office Departments in order to obtain a permission to publish authorized content with copyrights. You may find such information at the end of each posts on this website.
 The content of the website is referenced with proper external links to the original sources. Furthermore, all external links selected and presented on EdelScope.com are subject to the Privacy and Legal Policies of the respective site.


My name is Magdalena Kapuscinska and I am a fashion writer, contributor and blogger. Writing is both my passion and occupation. I treat it very seriously so as the readers who encounter with my writing works. I am the owner and writer of EdelScope.com and writer contributing to many websites. The Online Portfolio  in my blog is the directory of my exclusive articles published on the listed websites that I contribute to. What is more I have a full permission from some of those sites to publish my exclusive content written for those sites on my own blog including links, credits and original source. And here is the best: No one else is allowed to publish my articles under my credits and personal data to the websites that I have never mentioned or put any record in my Online Portfolio as credited in “Policy” section in my blog EdelScope. Obvious??? Not for many “lazy-daisy” website owners who like to build their ranks on my articles. No one is allowed to reproduce, publish, distribute, copy, publicly display, perform or make into derivative work of my texts and authorized content without my written permission signed by my original signature. It’s over and done with…

 Lately I came across numerous plagiarism issues in the Internet mine. I found several websites, very often without possibility to contact that have published my articles and use my credits and personal data without my knowledge, my authorization and without even a hint of my permission. I treat such actions like plagiarism, copyright infringement, the act of violation of the law and Internet etiquette as mentioned on Policy of my blog.

 I am very kind and patient person, really, but everything is limited unless it is my joy caused by counting the pennies that I won due to my rights. This is so finished.

 Kind Regards,


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