Fashion Designer: Issey Miyake Autumn/Winter 2012 – “Mineral Miracle”

Complex harmony of the technological wit, Japanese craftsmanship and innovative approach indicate the main attributes of the impressive performance under the signature of Issey Miyake for Autumn/Winter 2012 season. Entitled with the meaningful theme of “Mineral Miracle”, the collection showcased the pleating revolution of the house with a new textile presentation called “Steam Stretch”. The concept of the collection depicted a gradual process influenced by the intrinsic power and the beauty of the minerals. Pleating diversity merged with the technology was cleverly accompanied with live performance music by Open Reel Ensemble.  The music impressions are composed in unique and original method visualizing the “Mineral Miracle” vibe featuring sounds from sewing and weaving machines in addition to live stream sampling.

The inventive nature of the “Steam Stretch” is a mixture of creative approach and advanced techniques composed in pre-designed and programmed procedure. The fabrics composed from silk and stretch yarn have highly transformative characteristics thanks to the application of the steam finish. As presented on the prelude of the fashion show the squares of fabrics, apparently insignificant are artfully modified into sinuous costumes. The twin concept of “Mineral Stretch” differs only with the composition of wool and stretch yarn. With the same steam method the woven fabrics shrunk to create an undulating framework unveiling a hybrid effect of pleat and knit type.

Stepping in to the phase of the “Diamond Cut”, A-POC method takes the reigns over the fabrics formulating a graphic wave resembling the crystallization of quartz. The airy impression coats are equipped with pockets in a graphic cut forming a catchy collage.

The use of the special machine enhances interesting “Ore” stage showcasing fine jersey outfits altered with three different modes of thickness. The details are embroidered with ornament motifs with vastly textured parts of a fine jersey. The same technique is used on the woven jacquard suits celebrating the Crystal phase with multi textured shell of thread compositions in varying thick layers.

Stratum” stage is expressed by the layering wave technique mixed with the rapidity of hidden colors on the 3D effect of woolen waffle coats. Oversized construction is accentuated with the organic feel of newly polished stone thanks to the ceramic bottoms. Finalizing the miracle of the nature the part of the “Gemstones” is introduced with the alluring structure of rich woolen coats. Inspired by the hidden contrasts and textures of the minerals, the styling acquires interesting statement by the feature of captivating coverings recalling the vision of colorful impressions on the water.  The elements extract from the waist pockets or collars.

Kept in the constant suspense either from the collection development or the music impressions, I regretted even more that I couldn’t be on this fashion show despite the invitation. :/

Special thanks to Issey Miyake Press Office for help and assistance.

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Fashion Photography: “Plastic Fantastic” photographed by TOMAAS

“Plastic Fantastic”, the alluring fashion story captured by TOMAAS  is an exceptional depiction of plastic awareness in an artistic expression. The plastic material is an overwhelming textile with a versatile significance in our everyday life. It is the most common material used by the people becoming an integral part of our existence. This ubiquity of synthetic structure can also establish the meaning of “the new black” among materials that in other words can result in “fantastic” connotation.

The concept of «Plastic Fantastic» originated from the editorial called “Eco Beauty” focusing on materials that accompany us in a daily routine. This exceptional story had several publications in international magazines as well as an exhibition exposure at the Icon Gallery in Chelsea NYC. The creative research and production gave the team a great satisfaction so that they decided to compose a fashion story based on only one material – plastic. And this is how “Plastic Fantastic” was “born”. Together with the ethereal beauty of Lisette from Ford Models, the creative team achieved unique concept of synthetic fabric presentation with subconscious message from fashion.

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Team Credits:
Photographer TOMAAS Represented by Robert Bacall Reps
Stylist: Carla Engler Represented by Bryant Bantry Reps
Hair: Seiji Uehara
Make-up: Fiona Thatcher For Make Up For Ever
Model: Lisette from Ford Models

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GlamBite: OBERON Necklace from Harem Royal

Absolutely beautiful OBERON necklace from Harem Royal fascinates with breathtaking concept of geniune butterflies and dragonfly luna moth wings interlaced into Neo Victorian Fairy Fantasy statement.

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Visit: Harem Royal Shop

Fashion Video: Lanvin Eyewear 2012

“From the Lanvin ateliers on Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré to the factories of the Italian Eyewear workshops, Lanvin presents a visual movement of artisan savoir-faire and hand crafted high technology. Portraying a universe of detailed sewing and industrial design, Lanvin gives a glimpes into the creation process under the artistic direction of Alber Elbaz.”

The sunglasses will be available at Lanvin e-store and all Lanvin boutiques this Spring 2012.

A beautiful film on both eyewear and ready-to-wear production and savoir-faire:

Lanvin Optical Collection 2012

Lanvin, one of the first Fashion House in Paris after a successful debut of its 2012 Sunglasses Collection, decided to transfer the rich heritage of the house with ultra modern twist on the first eyewear optical collection. The line originated from the fruitful collaboration with De Rigo Group and creative Alber Elbaz on the helm. The French fashion Maison intends to reflect sophisticated signature with the retro and contemporary characteristics on the classy eyewear. With the special dedication to eye convenience, Lanvin reveals a special attention to the research of the materials and styles.

The accessories are accomplished from diversity of details including silver, golden and gun metals along with a special antique finishing. Thanks to jewel detailing merged with screws, nails and small studs the eyewear has unique and inimitable touch with the exclusive features. The palette of colors balances between natural beige and brown hues, ocean blue tones, classic black and Havana embellished with catchy color combinations.

The two main themes – Retro Chic and Industrial Touch – convey the refined nature of the collection marrying practical professionalism with elegant attributes. The Retro Chic has inspiration roots taken from Lanvin’s Art Deco jewellery and accessories, featured on prêt-à-porter collection. The urbane twist of 1930s is embodied with alluring feel of retro along with ritzy shapes – oval and cat eye outlines. Industrial Touch on the contrary is a modern approach into the stylish geometry applied with eye-catching details and color combinations.

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