Fashion Inspiration: The concept of Illustrations by René Gruau in Dazed and Confused fashion story.

La Cigarette by René Gruau

The line signature of René Gruau flourishes with the numerous inspirations in the fashion world until the present day.  Starting from Christian Dior‘s fashion staple , the captivating illustrations of female profiles and elegant silhouettes to current fashion photography including the latest editorial from Dazed and Confused June 2012.  The  story “A Scanner Darkly” unveils the concept of  fashion illustrations by Gruau with the emphasis into the signature line.  The strong dark line for René Gruau was the indicator of emotions, pace, spontaneity perfectly portrayed on the artistic work. Following the concept of this signature line “A Scanner Darkly” infuses the notion of photography and illustration creating  a peculiar mixed-media illusion thanks to the rough drawing makeup effect by makeup artists Yadim and tousled hair byYannick D’Is . When I saw these pictures for the first time I was in a state of entire captivation both for the mesmerizing tribute to René Gruau and current fashion presentation from pre-fall 2012 collections of Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Céline.

“Just a line? But it is the basis of all art, with a single line we can express grandeur, nobility, sensuality, the line synthesizes sensations and concentrates knowledge”

René Gruau 


Dazed and Confused June 2012

Editorial: “A Scanner Darkly”

Photographer:  Daniel Jackson

Models:  Ava Smith, Codie Young, and Madison Headrick

Make up artist: Yadim

Stylist Karen Langley (Total Management)

Hair by Yannick D’Is

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Fashion Inspiration: Paper Prada – fashion and illustration unveiling.

Paper Prada is an artistic expression of fashion and  illustration  unveiling an excellent presentation of Prada Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Maintained in a candy pastel palette both the illustrator concept and Prada’s clothing cover the fascinations of 1950’s silhouettes with the feminine twist.  This wonderful editorial was captured by Marc Da Cunha Lopes with captivating styling of Delphine Roche and Julie Allard.  The vintage inspired illustration was composed by the  talented fashion illustrator Coco Brun who is also a creative mind of Forget Me Not  and  EdelScope  friend. The presentations of her inventive work including beautiful collections of scarves you may find several times on the pages of EdelScope.

 Coco joined the forces with the team of creative people including Anna Sbiera and Delphine Roche who is also a great contributor in such publications as Numero, Le Figaro. Delphine recently launched her own website with the  updates of her work and fashion interests.


Art direction: Delphine Roche.
Illustrated set and props: Coco Brun and Anna Sbiera.      
Photography and post-production: Marc Da Cunha Lopes.                        
Styling: Julie Allard and Delphine Roche. 
Make up: Corinne Fouet.  Hair: Sergio Villafañe.
Models: Léonore Masson @ Elite,  Alexa Corlett and Solange Fréjean @ Marilyn Agency. Many thanks to Seiji Govaers @ Elite and Rama Diakite @ Marilyn Agency.

Images are the courtesy of Coco Brun

Special thanks to Coco Brun

132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE Autumn/Winter 2012 – origami tribute to fashion innovation.

The ciphered code of 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE is a bold depiction of unlimited resources in the fashion creativity inspired by origami art, ecological importance, mathematical precision and the essence of sustainability. The brand that is the epitome of a new evolution of “A Piece of Cloth” was formed by Issey Miyake – the leading innovator on the fashion scene unveiling the infinite circle of modern aesthetics with the timeless style. The designer leads Reality Lab team– the group of young and creative designers seeking for groundbreaking ideas and pursuing inventive concepts ultimately rendered into the fashion language.  The result of this fashion quest is presented through the collections of 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE since the inception in Fall 2010. The brand have been recently awarded with Fashion Design of the Year 2012 by the Design Museum. The collection for Autumn/Winter 2012 season portrays the inspirations taken from captivating work of Graphic Designer  Ikko Tanaka.  The assortment of color palette along with the delicate blurs and graphical implementations of Tanaka are illustrated by manual technique such as traditional tie-dye.


The initialization of 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE

The project was initialized thanks to the work of a Japanese computer scientist Jun Mitani who generated a computer program that facilitates three-dimensional geometric forms from a flat piece of paper. The intricate origami-inspired software was adapted into the fashion aesthetics of Issey Miyake resulting in the revolutionary concept of sustainable clothing line maintained in the three-dimensional convention.

Decrypting the code of 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE

The name of the brand that resembles a cryptogram-like sequence represents the entire concept of 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE’s label.  The number 1 stands for one piece of fabric that builds up the whole design. The number 3 is the indicator of three-dimensional shape of the apparel that is reduced to the two-dimensional mode. The number 5 has a great significance to the complete process symbolizing the time of the whole procedure and people involved in the creation. What is more, the figure 5 refers to the multiple transformations of the final form when the garment is finally worn and vivified enabling the communication among people.


In the search for an ideal material the fabrics used for the brand consist of recycled PET products mixed with other sustainable fibers from time to time. The lightweight material is stretchy and breathable with transformative attributes thanks to the capability of folding with razor-sharp, precise and lasting creases.

The idea of 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE is based upon ecological response to the fashion along with the timelessness in style. The newfangled foundation outlines statement clothing with transformative characteristics. The initial contour of the garment looks like geometric shapes of swirls, squares and stars. But when unfolded it presents complex angular tubes that can be metamorphosed into dresses, skirts tops, jackets, trousers reflecting the versatile importance and wearability of 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE.


Check also the gallery with 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE Autumn/Winter 2012 collection:

Special thanks to Issey Miyake Press Office London for help and assistance. 

Images are the courtesy of Issey Miyake Press Office London. 

Do not copy and reproduce images without the permission of Issey Miyake‘s fashion house. 

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Fashion Inspiration: Giles Deacon’s Resort 2013 inspired by marbles at Castle Howard and cartoons

The 2013 Resort collection by Giles Deacon despite the fact that is maintained in distinctive simplicity of forms, depicts artistic inclinations of the designer. The captivating graphics represent the amalgam of beautiful classic marbles from Castle Howard and cartoon compositions of Giles. The contemporary minimalism is intensified thanks to the clash of the pop cultural injection with the classic elements of statuary.

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Photo of the day: Natasha Poly by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris June-July 2012

Alluring beauty of Natasha Poly along with the enchanting aura of sun rays reveal intimate story based in the deemed interiors. The strong factor of inducement is hidden in the translucent fabrics that give the impression of ethereal delicacy of pleats together with the peekaboo body effect. The morning beauty version was captured by Mario Sorrenti.


Vogue Paris, June-July 2012

Photography by Mario Sorrenti

Model: Natasha Poly

Styling: Emmanuelle Alt

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