1938 ALFA ROMEO - The official page 6C 2300B Mille Miglia Spyder

The 1938 ALFA ROMEO – The official page 6C 2300B Mille Miglia Spyder.

Image via ALFA ROMEO – The official page

ARCHITECTURE: The Aria by MHN Design Union in Bondi Junction in Australia.

The Aria by MHN Design Union in Bondi Junction, Australia_2

The Aria by MHN Design Union in Bondi Junction, Australia.

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The Aria by MHN Design Union in Bondi Junction, Australia_1 The Aria by MHN Design Union in Bondi Junction, Australia_3

The Aria by MHN Design Union in Bondi Junction in Australia_6 The Aria by MHN Design Union in Bondi Junction in Australia_4 The Aria by MHN Design Union in Bondi Junction in Australia_5

From head to toe: make the most of what you’ve got

old school stars

Ever wished you could look like a movie star? The fact is that most movie stars don’t really look that good. They appear as good as they do onscreen because they’re very carefully made up and very carefully lit. Even an “average” person can look good with enough attention, no matter what their size, shape, age or sex. If you don’t have an expert team available to help, there are still quite a few things you can do to make the most of your appearance – and enjoy the process.

Delicious and healthy food

Eating well isn’t just about trying to become or stay slim. Everybody looks better if they’re eating a balanced diet because it means the body gets all the nutrients it needs to stay in prime condition, with glowing skin, shining hair and bright eyes. Eating like this doesn’t have to be a chore. Think of it as a chance to explore different kinds of food you never got round to before. You can still have sweet treats – there are lots of delicious fruits and berries out there that are great dried or in sorbets or smoothies. Nuts are also great for nutrition and taste delicious fresh or roasted.

sexy food 1

sexy food

Pamper your skin

One of the best things you can do for your skin is to drink lots of water, which will help it stay soft and healthy, but another option is to apply essential oils for skin directly, providing nourishment right where it’s needed. You can also try using cucumber, which really does revive tired eyes if placed on the lids, and also fixes dark and puffy skin underneath them. If you have patches of rough skin, you can use small amounts of baking soda as a natural exfoliant; apply it in the shower, gently rub it in and then rinse it away.

Sophia Loren


Monica Bellucci Vanity Fair Spain, February

Revive your hair

Even if your hair is thin and sparse, you can make it look better by softening it. Mashed banana makes a wonderful natural conditioner if you rub it in, leave it for ten minutes and then wash it out again, but the real secret is to use coconut oil and leave it in overnight; just wrap a towel around it so you don’t stain your pillows. You may need two shampoos and rinses to get it out the next day, but afterwards it will look and feel amazing.

Jac Jagaciak Sports Summer Swim for Vogue Germany June 2013 by Greg Kadel

Look great as you get in shape

Exercise makes you look better in lots of ways. Aside from helping you control your weight, it makes you more energetic, gives you a natural glow, tones your muscles and it helps you stand taller, which flatters every kind of figure. It will also give you a confidence boost, the key to that natural sexiness some people seem to exude. If you want to feel a little more confident about starting exercise, why not treat yourself to some new exercise gear? There’s lots of great stuff in the shops this season and you don’t have to spend a lot to look good.

Karlie Kloss by Mario Testino


Everybody deserves to feel good about the way they look. Isn’t it time you gave yourself a treat?

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ART: Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta.

Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_10

Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta.

Images via Yufuku Gallery

Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_13 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_11 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_9 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_8 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_7 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_5 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_4 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_3 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_2 Spiraling layered glass sculptures by Niyoko Ikuta_14

Design: Smart E-Bike electric bike.

smart-e-bike (1)

As the passionate cyclist and sport lover I am very keen on innovations that cirle around the bicycling field.  The latest technology wit from Smart that is fashion-forward simultaneously is a wonderul E-bike invention-Smart E-Bike. Smart collaborated with a specialized electric bike manufacturer, Berlin Based Grace that created super- economical and sustainable The Smart E-Bike. The bicycle has a 250 watt electric motor which gives the opportunity to accelerate the bike at a speed about 25 km per hour and more.

The modern design is the reflexion of streamlined functionality because of the fully incorporated battery and the electric motor as well as the smartphone integration. The device-oriented bike expands the cycling experience with such factors as GPS and information display, current speed, battery charge level and all other vital information including an internal sealed gear system that you may need during the ride .


Images via

smart-e-bike-4 smart-ebike-5 smart-ebike-2 e-bike-smart e-bike-by-smart smart-e-bike-2 smart-e-bike-6 smart-e-bike-5 smart-e-bike-7 smart-e-bike-8 smart-e-bike-9 smart-e-bike-10 smart-e-bike-11 smart-e-bike-12





Editorial: Asia Note

Photographer Andy Long Hoang

Styling by Marek Matwiejczuk

Jewelry are  by Boucheron, Bjorg

Images via

asia-note-andy-long-hoang-ftv-indochina-05 asia-note-andy-long-hoang-ftv-indochina-01 asia-note-andy-long-hoang-ftv-indochina-02 asia-note-andy-long-hoang-ftv-indochina-07 asia-note-andy-long-hoang-ftv-indochina-06 asia-note-andy-long-hoang-ftv-indochina-03 asia-note-andy-long-hoang-ftv-indochina-08

ART: Fiber Optics Art Installations by Carlo Bernardini.


Fiber Optics Art Installations by Carlo Bernardini.

Images via 

Check also the official website of the artist Carlo Bernardini here

Light-Works-by-Carlo-Bernardini Carlo-Bernardini Carlo-Bernardini-1 Carlo-Bernardini-2 Carlo-Bernardini-3 Carlo-Bernardini-4 Carlo-Bernardini-5 Carlo-Bernardini-6 Carlo-Bernardini-7 Carlo-Bernardini-8 Carlo-Bernardini-10 Carlo-Bernardini-61 Carlo-Bernardini-Art-Installation Carlo-Bernardini-ArtLight-Festival Carlo-Bernardini-Fiber-Light-Art Carlo-Bernardini-Fiber-Light-Installation Carlo-Bernardini-Fiber-Optics-Art Carlo-Bernardini-Fiber-Optics-Art-Installation Carlo-Bernardini-Fiber-Optics-Installation Carlo-Bernardini-Fiber-Optics-Sculptures Carlo-Bernardini-Light-Sculptures Carlo-Bernardini-Sculptures Carlo-Bernardini-Vacuum-Delloro-Arte-Contemporanea

Fashion Photography: Bar Refaeli for Marie Claire Mexico by Hunter & Gatti


One of the aspect of fashion modeling is about keeping the angles while keeping the sensuality of the pose… Bar Rafelli catches both aspects very well – every single shoot is very suggestive, yet not vulgar. The splash of vivid colors only spoices up the sporty vibe on high standards.


Magazine: Marie Claire Mexico

Photography by Hunter & Gatti

Model Bar Refaeli

Styling Alvaro Montano & Alicia Leon

Makeup by Jo Baker

Hair styling by Peter Butler

Manicure by Jenna Hipp

Images via DesignScene

Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-09-620x825 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-08-620x510 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-07-620x825 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-06-620x466 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-05-620x825 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-04-620x825 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-03-620x825 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-02-620x479 Bar-Refaeli-Marie-Claire-Hunter-Gatti-10-620x843

Fashion Focus: Coachella 2015


Coachella, in more expanded version Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, is considered to be one of the biggest events that happens annually, only from the music point of view, but fashion statement as well. Every year this large scale event is held going back to 1999, when Paul Tollett decided to set up an extra-ordinary ocassion that will feature many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance music, as well as art installations and sculptures. The event of Coachella is regarded as the second-most in-demand concert to participate for many reasons. One of the them is the multiplifcity of fashion that flourishes around hippie and boho styles. Modern gypsies, up-to-date hippies, start and celebrities gather all together on the picturesque valley of California and enjoy their time in the Coachella event. Take a look on our Fashion Focus on Coachella 2015.

All images via

Coachella 2015 Coachella 2015_2 Coachella 2015_7 Cochella2015_16 Coachella 2015_21 Cochella2015_17 Cochella2015_15 Cochella2015_14 Coachella 2015_8 Coachella 2015_6 Coachella 2015_5 Coachella 2015_4 Coachella 2015_3 Coachella 2015_1 Coachella2015_25 coachella2015_24 Coachella2015_23 coachella2015_22 Coachella2015_19 Coachella2015_18 Coachella2015_13 Coachella2015_12 Coachella2015_11 Coachella2015_10 Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset Cochella2015_20



ARCHITECTURE: Australia F2 Architecture Floating rental house.



“Our focus is on enhancing people’s lives through architecture” – the main keynote of the Australia F2 Architecture company that push the boundaries between dreams and reality of architecture and design. The idea of a floating house was initiated to break the rules of gravity from the specific point of view.  The house is located in the uphill area of coastal waters and gives the impression of suspension above the Fairhaven Beach and the Great Ocean Road. The illusion of the floating house is based on the huge 130 feet pole that lifts the building up in place. That’s the reason why the house is called ” The Pole House” resulting in one-of-a-kind experience with the picturesque view of the coastline in Australia.

Images via 



floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-4 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-7 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-8 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-10 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-11 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-13 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-14 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-15 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-17 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-18 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-22 floating-house-australia-f2-architecture-23



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