EdelScope is the inspiring journey into the magical world of the borders, angles and frontiers of fashion beyond the regime of trends.

EdelScope as the  Fashion oriented voyage invites you into the captivity of the  art, fashion, photography and style in the search for innovation, creativity and uniqueness .

edel (ger.) – noble, elegant;

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The name is our signature – unique, precious and noble place gathering artists and …

scope of inspirations,

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Behind EdelScope: 


Art Lover, Fashion Taster, Self – Educated Portraitist, Freelancer.

Writing is my passion, the opportunity of experiment and the way of creative development. It enables me to reveal uniqueness and creativity in numerous fields of art, fashion, photography, design and many more. I contribute to high traffic website magazines and blogs by writing articles, trend reports, reviews about fashion, art and lifestyle to the widespread Internet audience.

 Thanks to blogging I have the chance to meet and interview (personally or via virtual connection) creative people, fashion designers and artists to listen and learn about their ideas, visions, and experience.

I am also a freelance copywriter, article and content writer trying to make a living (quite hard but still) by composing catchy product descriptions for fashion online stores, fashion brand profiles,  gift websites and writing for blogs.

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